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About My Style My therapeutic style focuses on what you are trying to achieve in counseling and what you define as progress toward achieving your goals.  Initially, information is gathered regarding the presenting problems and what has been attempted to solve or resolve them.  The background and history of the development of the problem is evaluated.  However, the central component of my therapeutic intervention focuses more on what to do about a problem, rather than analyze extensively the reason for the existence of the problem.  To this end, I often assign an action plan in an effort to encourage clients to try a different approach in solving their problems.  I also provide resources and materials such as articles, books, and websites to assist clients in researching information relevant to their issues.   My psychotherapy style also identifies your strengths and the coping skills you used in the past to help you meet previous challenges.  In times of distress, most of us lose sight of our capabilities and tend to focus on what is wrong.  Although this is a natural tendency, it often creates negative and/or hopeless feelings.  When we are reminded of our strengths and past accomplishments we begin to feel more hopeful of our situation, enabling us to more effectively solve problems.